Did you know there's a filter reminder in your BRITA jug?

Did you know that all BRITA jugs are equipped with a timer that will remind you when to change your filter?  The indicator is fitted on the lid of your BRITA jug and varies depending on the type of jug you have. So next time you change your filter – don’t forget to reset and let the timer remind you when it’s time to replace your filter!

If you have a Style Jug…

Keep an eye out on the Smart Light on the lid of your Style Jug – the traffic light system is an easy reminder – green is ideal; orange means it’s not at the optimal performance and red means you should change as soon as you can!  

Resetting your Smart Light

Before first use and after every change of the MAXTRA+ cartridge, press the LED reset button for up to 15 seconds until the LED light is fading in and out three times. After completing this, your water filter is ready for use. The Smart Light is featured on our Style Jugs only.  



What about other jugs?

If you have any of the jugs below….

The timer on these jugs are quite different – they are called “Memo” which features a display screen with bars, each bar refers to a lifetime of approximately one week. After each week one bar will disappear to show the remaining cartridge life. Change the cartridge when all bars have disappeared, and the arrow starts to flash.

Resetting your timer

After you’ve changed your filter, press the “START” button on the timer display until all four bars appear in the display and flash twice. A small flashing dot at the bottom right corner of the display shows the memo is working.

Flow Cask

The Flow Cask also features the same memo timer as a Marella, Aluna or Navelia jug which reminds you to change your MAXTRA+ filter every four weeks. The same process applies when resetting your timer after a new cartridge is installed.

If at any time your time has stopped working –   please feel free to contact our customer service team via phone on 1300 557 762 to organise a replacement. Don’t forget to reset your timer every time you change your filter so as to ensure your filter remains optimal performance. Click here to learn more about how often you should replace your MAXTRA+ Filter.