How often should I replace MAXTRA+ water filter?

As filtered water consumption is increasing, we recommend replacing your MAXTRA+ filter every 4 weeks or 150 litres of water usage. This is based on the average Australian household size of 2.6 people* and consumption of the recommended intake of 8 glasses per day** (based on an average glass size of 240ml).

As a starting point, we’ve developed the table below to help you calculate the recommended filter exchange frequency for your household. Of course, this timing can vary per household depending on your family size and water drinking rates of each person. At a maximum, we recommend to replace it no longer than 8 weeks to maintain optimum filtration results.

Don’t worry if you can’t keep track of when to replace your MAXTRA+ filter, BRITA has specifically designed a filter reminder indicator built into BRITA water jugs to remind you when it’s time to replace your filter.

This is developed to help Australian families make better decisions on when to replace their filter in order to maintain optimal levels of filtration.

When did you last change your filter? If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long. Click here to stock up on your filters now.

What impurities does a MAXTRA+ filter reduce in your tap water? Click here to find out.


* Australian Bureau of Statistics Census Data 2016

** NHMRC (National Water Quality Management Strategy) – Australian Water Drinking Guidelines Nov 2016

7 thoughts on "How often should I replace MAXTRA+ water filter?"

  • BRITA Water says:

    Hi Sally and Peter,
    When you replace your filter, the start button needs to be held down until all four bars appear. If after holding it down for a few seconds the bars don’t appear, please contact our customer service team at
    The BRITA Team

  • Sally & Peter Curlewis says:

    I have just replaced the filter and pressed the START button and it is only indicating 25%? I would have thought 100% would have been the correct reading

    Thank you

  • BRITA Water says:

    Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for getting in contact regarding this issue. At the moment, recycling of filters is on our agenda, however in Australia we don’t have a viable filter recycling option at this point. We have been looking for an eco-friendly way of recycling these filters, but to date, the carbon footprint associated with collecting these filters from around Australia is not environmentally sustainable due to the relatively small size of our population and the vast size of our country. We are happy to say that recycling for filters do exist in many countries around the world and we hope that we will be able to launch a similar recycling scheme in Australia in the near future.
    The BRITA team

  • Maureen Turner says:

    Hi Brita

    I have looked all over your website to find info on recycling, responsible disposing of the filter from my brita water jug, could you please let me know. Does it go straight into the recycle bin ? Or…….
    Thank you

  • BRITA Water says:

    Hi John,
    Thank you for getting in touch and we are glad to hear you are enjoying your Marella Jug! The indicator is set to go down by one bar (25%) every week, which is based on the average household size of 2.6 people drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Keep in mind this is a guide and may vary depending on how many people are using it and how much they drink per day. If it has been longer than a week since the indicator reached 25%, please contact our lovely customer service team at and they will be more than happy to help you with this issue!
    The BRITA Team

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