How to form healthy new habits (no push-ups required!)

Slip, slop, slap….. slurp

This summer when the holidays and parties have ended, a new year of school/ work is ahead of us. Whether you need to update your lunchbox or water bottle (or three), or purchase new books, pens, computer etc. it’s important to remember the essentials. Summer brings bright sunshine and warm good weather but, in most part, the harsh conditions of the sun can wreak havoc with our skin and body temperature which can affect our energy, ability to retain information and mood. Be sure to keep these at the ready – summer smart essentials – hat, sunscreen, cover-up clothing and water bottle and your family will be ready to tackle any situation at school, work or play this season.

Are your kids (or you!) drinking enough water?

Apart from preventing dehydration and allowing small bodies and brains to function at their best throughout the learning day, regular water consumption can also help control weight and cavities.

Don't forget to drink! Take regular water breaks to remain hydrated, control your body's temperature and fundamentally avoid heat exhaustion. Fight fatigue before sport, by drinking up to 2 glasses of water prior, and throughout the day keep your water close for easy access, in a bottle if you're on the go, or in a jug if you're in the garden/ beside the pool at home.

Start good habits early - as a parent, if you set the example of drinking water, then kids are far more likely to follow suit. Encourage your kids to lead a healthy life, by drinking water in between meals and play, particularly physical activity. By helping them avoid sugary drinks, you can set them up to well avoid being a statistic of obesity, early in life and potentially as an adult.

New year, new goals right?

You CAN be one of those organized parents, aiming to pack a healthy lunchbox each morning! Variety is key, change up your lunchbox contents to stay inspired each day - just keep it simple - whole or cut pieces of fruit/ veg, boiled eggs, guacamole, salad wraps are just some ideas. For each time you pack a lunchbox, you avoid using unnecessary plastic wrap that goes to landfill as well as the added salt, sugar, fat that often prepackaged foods have. Let’s face it, it is fairly easy to remember to refill your BRITA water filter bottle to take with you anywhere.