Introducing the most powerful filter from BRITA – MAXTRA+ Limescale

Introducing the latest advancement in-home water filtration, the MAXTRA+ Limescale filter, which removes 50% more limescale than the standard MAXTRA+ filter, whilst effectively reduces heavy metals such as Lead and Copper, chemicals such as Chlorine and other sediment.

The new MAXTRA+ Limescale filter is the premium filter in the range. It is especially formulated to suit those living in areas with moderate to hard water where the quality of drinking water and appliances such as kettle or coffee maker can be affected due to limescale build-up.

What’s Limescale?

While Australian household mains water is strictly controlled, limescale build-up could be a constant issue for those living in moderate to hard water areas such as Perth, Adelaide and parts of Queensland.

Hard water refers to water which contains a high mineral count and occurs when water passes through soft rocks like chalk or limestone and picking up the minerals from them. In these areas, you might find soap doesn’t lather as much and there are visible spots on glasses or shower screens due to the high mineral content left behind after the water is evaporated. Whilst this isn’t harmful, hard water often results in the unpleasant smell, taste and mouthfeel when drinking.

How does Limescale build-up affect coffee machines and kettles?

Limescale is the stubborn residue that builds up on surfaces which are repeatedly exposed to heated hard water such as the boilers inside coffee machines or heating elements inside kettles. As hard water runs through the heating element, it leaves behind sediments which over a period, can damage your machine or kettle.

Consequently, the Limescale build up can have a large effect on how your coffee machine functions: the temperature consistency of your machine, the efficiency of the pump and your final coffee volume. You might also notice excess steam, as well as increased noise.

This is why it’s important to regularly descale your coffee machine (as recommended by most manufacturers), however, this process can be both time consuming and costly over time. Depending on your coffee machine brand and the descaling agent used, each cycle can take up to one hour to complete while the cost ranges from $2 – 20 per treatment. What’s more? To avoid lingering chemical taste in the boiler, it is recommended to repeat the rinse cycle a few more times to ensure the residual descaling agent is flushed out.

How does BRITA MAXTRA+ Limescale filter work? 

Prevention is the key! The new MAXTRA+ Limescale filter is our most powerful filter to date in tackling limescale build up. It features the powerful ion exchange pearls to effectively reduce 50% more limescale build up*, and heavy metals such as Lead and Copper while the fine mesh and grid effectively trap other sediment and impurities. As such, prolonging the life of household appliances such as kettles and coffee machines and providing cleaner drinking water for your family.

*vs the standard MAXTRA+ filter