Introducing The NEW Advanced On Tap System

Introducing the most powerful filtration system in the BRITA range, the Advanced On Tap System with 99.99% bacteria reduction power.

What’s more? It also powerfully reduces other impurities such as pesticides, chlorine and heavy metals. This makes the perfect upgrade to your existing BRITA jug or if you are looking for unlimited filtered water straight from your tap!

How does it work?

Hollow Fibre Membrane

The Advanced On Tap system features the unique Hollow Fibre Membrane which works like a fine sieve to reduce small particles such as microplastics*

As with all BRITA filters, the Activated Carbon reduces taste and odour impairing substances like chlorine, as well as pesticides, herbicides, hormones and pharmaceutical residues*, whilst the Ion Exchange fibre reduces heavy metals such as Lead* whilst retaining essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.*

* As far as contained in tap water.


Electronic Digital Display

The smart digital display automatically counts down your remaining filter capacity, so you know exactly when it’s time to replace your filter!


Easily switch between features to switch between filtered stream, unfiltered stream or unfiltered shower with one practical lever. The filter lasts up to 600 litres (approx. 4 months) and can be exchanged in no time.

Easy Installation

Lastly, it’s an absolute breeze to install, no tools required – it’s designed to fit standard kitchen.