When did you last change your filter?

You already know that BRITA filters transform what’s in your tap into great-tasting drinking water, but do you know how it all happens? 

How Do BRITA filters work?

BRITA MAXTRA+ filters are uniquely formulated using Ion Exchange Pearls and Micro Carbon pearls derived from coconut husk, reducing contaminants including chlorine, lead, and copper. Not only does this process effectively eliminates these impurities that impair the taste from your tap water, but also helps to prolong the life of your appliances from limescale build-up. To find out more about filtration, click here.

Your personal reminder

Depending on what filtration system, you have, each has different indicators to help remind you when to change your filter.

Most of our BRITA jugs, like the Marella, Navelia and Aluna jugs, have memos embedded into the lid that helps you keep track and remind you when its time to change. After each week one bar will disappear to show the remaining filter life. Change the filters when all bars have disappeared, and the arrow starts to flash.




If you have an intelligent Style jug, it’s even easier!  The traffic light system is an easy reminder – green is ideal; orange means it’s not at the optimal performance and red means you should change your filter as soon as you can.


Keep in mind that BRITA MAXTRA+ filters work by trapping and holding contaminants, so it’s important to replace them regularly for optimum performance. A clean filter means a cleaner, fresher-tasting water. So when did you last change your filter? Shop online today.