Why is Fluoride Important to Our Lifestyle?

In recent years there have been discussions surrounding whether fluoride causes health concerns. Some argue that it is not natural and can cause health issues and goes as far as claiming that it can reduce IQ levels.

Fortunately, these are all myths! In fact, there is no reliable evidence that fluoride can cause health problems.

History of Fluoride in Australia

Fluoride has been purposely added to our waterways in Australia since the 1960s. This was part of the government initiative to prevent tooth decay across the country. The fluoride added to our water is derived from a natural mineral rock so it’s completely natural. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), there is reliable evidence that fluoride can reduce tooth decay by 26% to 44% in children and adolescents, and by 27% in adults as it essentially strengthens the outer layer of the tooth to protect it from any damage.

So, there are no health risks… at all?

In Australia and New Zealand, no.

Fluoride, just like anything else we ingest, can be unhealthy in large amounts. There is a rare risk of fluorosis which happens when we ingest too much fluoride – this occurs when teeth become slightly discoloured in areas and fades away quickly. It’s worth noting though most fluorosis cases today come from children who were eating toothpaste out of the tube according to Forbes, and that Fluorosis cannot occur until levels are at 1.5 mg/L and the Australian states and territories regulate our fluoride levels to be between 0.6 and 1.1 mg/L. This is almost half of what we need for anything like fluorosis to occur.

Fluoride is not classified as a drug, medication or poison by the Australian government. Any studies done that suggest there is a link between fluoride and lower IQ have been conducted overseas where water can contain the likes of arsenic and damaging chemicals as well as much higher levels of fluoride.

In fact, Health and Scientific Authorities around the world including Australian Dental Association, World Health 

Organisation, Harvard Medical School and all Australian State Governments advise against removing fluoride from drinking water.

So, do BRITA filters remove fluoride? 

No. BRITA water filters work to reduce chlorine, lead, copper and other sediments whilst remaining important minerals such as fluoride. So, you can rest assured that BRITA filtration provides cleaner drinking water whilst keeping your teeth in top shape! Click here to find out more about how BRITA filters work or click here to top up your filters.