Filter and go Vital Bottle 600ml

• 600ml capacity
• Filtered water on the go (car, commuting, office and outdoor activities)
• High quality, durable Tritan™ material
• Designed to fit in most car cup holders
• Includes 1x MicroDisc Filter (Filter to be replaced every 150L or 4 weeks based on average household size drinking 8 glasses per day)
• BPA free
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



This is a great everyday bottle designed to help you stay hydrated with great tasting filtered water on the go. So why buy bottled water every time you are thirsty? The fill&go Vital bottle is made from high quality, durable Tritan™ material that is BPA free, so keep your bottle refilled and you'll have great tasting filtered water whether you are in the office, commuting in the car, attending yoga/pilates class or even doing outdoor activities. 

The fill&go Vital water bottle features the innovative MicroDisc filter with ActivSelect Technology that reduces taste impairing substances such as chlorine whilst retaining essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. For optimum results, the MicroDisc filter should be replaced every 4 weeks or 150L.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products, so if you are not completely satisfied, simply return within 30 days and we’ll give your money back. 



Dimensions     7.2 (w)  x 7.8 (d) x 24.5 (h) cm 
Volume             600ml



What are the benefits of BRITA filtered water?

BRITA is renowned for its expertise in the field of drinking water optimisation and filtration for over 50 years.

Australian household mains water is strictly controlled but it can contain chlorine, metals and carbonate hardness (limescale) which can impair taste, odour and appearance of water. A BRITA water filter provides an easy but highly effective way to provide you and your family with great tasting filtered water by: 

• Reducing free and bound chlorine content (if present).
• Reducing carbonate hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water (if present). In other words, it acts as a “water softener” which is particularly important in parts of Australia where hard water is present.
• Reducing metals such as lead and copper in the mains water which can be increased by corresponding domestic installations

What are the benefits of MicroDisc filter?

The compact and powerful BRITA MicroDisc filter has ActivSelect® Technoloy which reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances such as lead and copper while retaining essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

What is the BRITA MicroDisc filter made of?

The MicroDisc is made from compressed natural activated carbon from coconut shells and is covered by a fleece on both sides for optimal filtration.

How often should I replace the MicroDisc?

One BRITA MicroDisc can filter up to 150 litres. To ensure optimal filtration and hygiene, BRITA recommends that the filter be replaced once every 4 weeks.

How should I prepare the BRITA MicroDisc filter before the first use?

Before using the MicroDisc filter for the first time, rinse both sides thoroughly under running water for approximately 30 seconds to remove any loose carbon dust that may be present.

Which direction of the MicroDisc should I face upwards?

Both directions are possible.

What is the best way to store BRITA filtered water?

You should ideally store your jug with BRITA filtered water in a cool place, e.g. in the fridge. You should also avoid direct sunlight and use the water within one to two days.

Are BRITA water bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes, all BRITA water filter bottles are dishwasher safe. To avoid possible discolouration, please do not wash it together with dirty plates, dishes, cups, etc., as any food residue on these may permanently blemish the bottle. BRITA recommends removing the silicone seal before cleaning in the dishwasher. The seal may be cleaned separately in the dishwasher or by hand.

How do I dispose of the BRITA MicroDisc filter?

You may dispose of the used MicroDisc filter like regular refuse.

Can I fill up my BRITA fill&go water filter bottle at any water tap?

Yes, you can enjoy filtered water anywhere where drinking water quality is provided. Simply fill with tap water and you are ready to enjoy!

Can I put the BRITA water bottle in the freezer?

No, freezing the bottles may cause damage to parts of the bottle or the MicroDisc filter.

Can I fill the BRITA water bottle with liquids other than clean water?

No. The BRITA water bottles are designed for use only with water that has been tested as safe to drink according to legal regulations, such as municipally treated tap water.

Is the BRITA fill&go Vital water bottle BPA free?

All parts of the BRITA fill&go Vital bottle are BPA free.




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