On Tap System Advanced
On Tap System Advanced
On Tap System Advanced
On Tap System Advanced
On Tap System Advanced
On Tap System Advanced
On Tap System Advanced

On Tap System Advanced

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  • Instant water from your kitchen tap
  • Effectively reduces:
  •      - 99.99% bacteria*

         - Particles such as microplastics*

         - Chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and pharmaceutical residue*

         - Metals such as lead*

      • LCD display counts down remaining filter capacity, so you know exactly when to replace filter
      • Easy DIY instalment to your existing kitchen tap
      • Easy lever on system to convert from filtered to unfiltered water
      • One filter can provide up to 600 litres of filtered water (approximately 4 months)



      The compact BRITA On Tap System Advanced is can be easily installed onto your existing kitchen tap (and removed), therefore making this a perfect solution for households wanting instant filtered from the kitchen tap without having to change the kitchen tap or plumbing.

      The filtration consists of activated carbon pearls, which reduces taste and odour impairing substances like chlorine, as well as impurities such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones and pharmaceutical residues*. The Ion Exchange fiber reduces metals such as lead and the hollow fiber membrane filters particles reduce micro plastics and 99.99% of bacteria*.

      The system is equipped with a digital LCD display which counts down the remaining filter capacity remaining from 600 to 0 litres. With an easy switch from filtered water to unfiltered water, there will be no wastage of filtered water when not required (eg. washing dishes).


      *if found in tap water 



      Weight 0.43 kg
      Dimensions 17.2 (w) x 8.8 (d) x 14.3 (h) cm


      What taps are the new On Tap System Advanced compatible with?


      How do I install the Advanced On Tap Filter System?

      • Remove the attachment nut from the On Tap Water Filter System body
      • Remove the aerator from your tap, slide the attachment nut onto your tap and screw the appropriate adapter (5 adapters included) onto the tap
      • Tighten the attachment nut securely to the water filter body

      What filters can I use for the Advanced On Tap System? 

      The Advanced On Tap Filter System uses the Advanced on tap filter refill only. Click here to view.

      What taps are the new On Tap System Advance compatible with?


      What does it remove?

      The Advanced On tap system uses the advanced on tap filter refill – to find out all information on how it works, click here.

      How do I reset the LCD Display?

      Reset the display by pushing the small button found on the left-hand side next to the battery slot (the numbers on the display will light up briefly to indicate that the display has been reset.)


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