AquaGusto 100 filter
AquaGusto 100 filter
AquaGusto 100 filter

AquaGusto 100 filter

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  • Water tank filter for your home coffee machine
  • Enhanced coffee flavour, aroma and appearance
  • Reduces limescale deposits and protects your machine
  • Easy to use simply place in the tank and allow to stand
  • Includes automatic filter change signal for optimal performance
  • Simple and immediate filter installation



    AquaGusto a practical filter solution for coffee and espresso machines with water tanks. AquaGusto helps enhance the flavour, aroma, and appearance of the coffee to give you fresh quality coffee. The filter can be used in almost any coffee machine and reduces limescale deposits.

    Forgetting to change the filter is now a thing of the past. The filter change signal is simple to use, merely place the filter change signal in a visible location and press the button down firmly to set up. For optimal performance change every 6 months or every 100L.




    85.1(w) x 25.8mm (d) 


    100L / 6 months


    How often should I replace the AquaGusto filter?

    For optimum results, replace your filter every 6 months or every 100L. 

    How do I prepare the AquaGusto filter?

    1. Remove the foil and rinse the water tank filter with water before installation

    2. Place the filter at the bottom of the water tank and fill the water tank with cold water from your tap. 

    3. Remove the film of the filter exchange reminder and place the reminder on the water tank or other visible part of the coffee machine.

    4. To activate press down the button and hold, within 2 minutes a red activation line will appear. If not, immediately re-squeeze the button fully. When the activation line appears, the indicator is armed and ready to use.  


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