BRITA 3-Way Filter Tap 45° Neck (Hot, Cold & Filtered)

• 3-way tap system (45° neck design) for hot, cold and filtered water
• Two dedicated outlets for filtered water or hot/cold water
• Ready to install kit
• Effectively Reduces:
- heavy metals such as Lead and Copper
- chemicals such as Chlorine
- Limescale
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The BRITA 3- Way Filter Tap kit features a 45° neck design and two dedicated outlets for filtered water or hot/cold water.  The intuitive LED indicator reminds you when your filter needs to be replaced - for optimum performance, the filter should be replaced every 6 months.

The WD3010 comes in a ready to install kit for simple installation and maintenance.

BRITA filtration effectively reduce heavy metals such as lead and copper, chemicals such as Chlorine, Limescale and other sediments.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products, so if you are not completely satisfied, simply return within 30 days and we’ll give your money back. 



Weight              4.4 kg
Dimensions     32.5 (w) x 18.5 (d) x 35.5 (h) cm



What are the benefits of BRITA filtered water?

BRITA is renowned for its expertise in the field of drinking water optimisation and filtration for over 50 years.

Australian household mains water is strictly controlled but it can contain chlorine, metals and carbonate hardness (limescale) which can impair taste, odour and appearance of water. A BRITA water filter provides an easy but highly effective way to provide you and your family with great tasting filtered water by: 

  •  Reducing free and bound chlorine content (if present).
  •  Reducing carbonate hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water (if present). In other words, it acts as a “water softener” which is particularly important in parts of Australia where hard water is present.
  •  Reducing metals such as lead and copper in the mains water which can be increased by corresponding domestic installations.

What is the advantage of using a BRITA Pressurised System?

BRITA Pressurised products are directly connected to your main water line, either connected to or replacing your kitchen tap. This means optimised BRITA filtered water whenever you want, instantly and in any volumes you need.

What does the filter cartridge A 1000 filter do and what systems does it fit?

The A 1000 filter cartridge is based on activated carbon block technology that filters chlorine as well as other taste and odour impairing impurities. It keeps fine solid particles like sand and rust up to a size of 0.5 micron back from tap water. The A 1000 filter cartridge fits all BRITA Taps and the On Line Active Systems.

How does the BRITA Tap work?

A BRITA Tap replaces your existing kitchen tap and allows you to get cleaner, clearer great-tasting BRITA filtered water at the turn of a lever. All BRITA Taps are equipped with separate levers for regular hot and cold tap water and BRITA filtered water. Therefore you only use BRITA filtered water if you want to. A BRITA Tap is the most convenient and space saving solution for everybody who wants to enjoy BRITA filtered water.

How do I know when to exchange the filter cartridge?

The LED Cartridge Status Indicator integrated in the lever of the BRITA Tap shows your individual cartridge status based on local water hardness and individual water consumption. Each time filtered water is dispensed, it will light up either green, yellow or red.

Green light: Filter cartridge is working at optimum performance
Yellow light: Filter Cartridge capacity at 10%, get replacement soon
Red light: Filter cartridge needs to be replaced. 

Watch the Cartridge Exchange Video

How long will the cartridge last?

The cartridge lasts approximately up to six months. The exact time depends on your water consumption.

Can I install a BRITA Tap by myself?

BRITA Taps are designed for easy installation. Necessary instructions are supplied with the product. 

Can I exchange the cartridge myself?

Yes. It's very easy and can be done within minutes in just four steps:
1. Unlock cartridge using two blue levers on side of cartridge head. No need to turn off your mains water, because there is an automatic shut off valve within the cartridge head.
2. Release pressure using the flush valve. After pressure release, close valve again.
3. Pull old cartridge out and replace with a new one.
4. Lock the cartridge in place. You are good to go!

Watch Cartridge Exchange Video

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