MyPure A1 Undersink Tap kit
MyPure A1 Undersink Tap kit
MyPure A1 Undersink Tap kit

MyPure A1 Undersink Tap kit

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  • Dedicated BRITA Tap for filtered water only
  • Compliments your existing kitchen tap
  • Ready to install kit 
  • Reduces chlorine, and taste impairing substances, and other impurities*
  • Change filter every 6 months for optimum filtration
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    The dedicated BRITA Tap is a great complement to your existing kitchen tap while providing filtered water on demand. It is easy to install, with instructions included. The handle displays an LED indicator to show the performance level of the under-the-sink filter, which you can read more about here. 

    *if found in tap water


    How does the BRITA Tap work?

    A BRITA Tap can either replace or complement the tap in your kitchen and allows you to get better tasting and cleaner filtered water at any time. After installation, the filter intercepts any water coming through from your home’s pipes, capturing chlorine and substances affecting odour and taste, allowing filtered water to come through the other end, out of your tap.

    When do I need to change the filter cartridge?

    The BRITA tap has an integrated LED indicator in the lever and shows your cartridge’s status. The filter’s lifetime is based on water hardness and how much water is being used over time. Each time filtered the tap is used, the indicator lights up as red when the filter is in need of replacement, yellow when it’s time to stock up on new filters and green when it is new and effective.

    Is the BRITA tap easy to install?

    BRITA Taps are intended for an easy installation. Instructions are provided inside the product packaging.


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