On Tap Above Sink Filter
On Tap Above Sink Filter

On Tap Above Sink Filter

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  • Reduces chlorine, limescale, metals and other impurities*
  • Compatible with the On Tap Filter System only
  • Replace filter every 1200L for optimum performance


    The BRITA Above sink on tap filter is compatible with BRITA Above sink on tap system. Each filter provides up to 1200L of filtered water.

    *if found in tap water


    Dimensions 7 (w)  x 7 (d) x 9.5 (h) cm 


    How do I prepare my BRITA On Tap filter cartridge?

    Twist the housing forward and down to detach it from the diverter.

    Unscrew the base. Replace with a new cartridge and screw it tight.

    Follow the instructions in your instruction booklet to restart the LED cartridge status indicator

    Reattach the cap onto the housing and reattach the housing to the diverter and run the filter for 1 or 2 minutes to remove any residue.

    How often should the On Tap filter be replaced?

    BRITA On Tap Cartridge should be replaced after 1,200L of filtered water for optimal results.

    Are the contents of this cartridge safe?

    The contents of all BRITA cartridges are of food grade quality and completely harmless to yourself and if accidentally consumed, will be harmless to health.


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