Style Jug Grey 2.4L
Style Jug Grey 2.4L
Style Jug Grey 2.4L

Style Jug Grey 2.4L

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  • 2.4 litre capacity
  • Modern, soft shape jug design
  • Flip top lid with silicone strap for easy refilling
  • Advanced filter change LED indicator (Filter should be replaced every month or 150L based on average household size drinking 8 glasses per day)
  • Includes one month supply of MAXTRA+ Filter
  • BPA Free
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    Introducing a premium jug from BRITA, the fill&enjoy Style jug featuring MAXTRA+ Power Filter. A departure from its traditional shape, the sleek and minimalistic design would make a refreshing update to any modern kitchen.

    The fill&enjoy Style jug also features an advanced LED filter exchange timer that adopts the traffic light system that will remind you when the filter should be replaced. To learn more about the MAXTRA+ filter click here



    Weight   1 kg
    Dimensions 25 (w) x 11 (d) x 25 (h) cm

    1.4 L (filtered water capacity)

    2.4 L (total capacity)


    How do I activate or re-set the BRITA smart light?

    Press and hold the LED button on top of the lid until you see the light blinking 3 times in green. The BRITA Smart Light is now set and ready to use. The LED button will start flashing yellow during usage if it is time to stock-up with a new cartridge. As soon as it is flashing red, it is time to replace your cartridge.

    How can I monitor the status of my filter performance?

    You can check the status of your filtration performance any time. Simply press the LED button on top of the lid to see the current filter status.

    What do the different colours of the Smart Light system mean?

    Green light: MAXTRA+ Universal cartridge filters with optimum performance.

    Yellow light: It is nearly time to replace your cartridge, please stock up.

    Red light: Please exchange your cartridge. (This will be the case after either 4 weeks or 150L of filtered water)

    What filters fit into the Style Jug?

    The MAXTRA+ and MAXTRA+ Limescale filters only.


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