Style Jug with Bonus MAXTRA+ Filter (2 in total)

Style Jug with Bonus MAXTRA+ Filter (2 in total)

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  • Style Jug 2.4 with 2 MAXTRA+ Filters PLUS Free Shipping
  • Modern, soft shape jug design
  • Flip top lid with silicone strap for easy refilling
  • Advanced filter change LED indicator
  • BPA Free


    A premium jug from BRITA, the fill&enjoy Style jug featuring MAXTRA+ Power Filter. A departure from its traditional shape, the sleek and minimalistic design would make a refreshing update to any modern kitchen.

    This offer provides 2 of the MAXTRA+ filters, which reduce chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and copper, and limescale. The jug's LED filter exchange timer is designed to remind you when the MAXTRA+ filter should be replaced - click here to find out more.


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