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How much water should I drink each day?

While opinion may differ in terms of the necessary water intake for a healthy lifestyle, there is still a relatively straightforward way to establish the correct amount for each individual.

Water is a crucial factor in the formation of protein, glycogen and other large molecules but also when it comes to the most vital bodily functions including the digestive system. In fact, more than half of the human body consists of this essential nutrient and in order to survive, the body requires even more water than it is able to produce.

Yes, but exactly how much do I need to drink each day?

Some health authorities suggest at least two litres per day (8 glasses of water), while others are of the opinion that water should be consumed throughout the day, every day – regardless of whether you feel thirsty.

The Australian Water Drinking Guidelines recommends intake of 8 glasses of water per day (based on an average glass size of 240ml)* as a general rule. However, this also varies depending on several factors such as individual body size and levels of activity, and the weather.

Does the quality of drinking water matter?

Absolutely!  While the importance of your daily intake should never be in question, the quality of water should never be overshadowed by the quantity either. And the quality of your water varies depending on where you live, household pipes and water hardness.