A1000 Undersink filter
A1000 Undersink filter
A1000 Undersink filter

A1000 Undersink filter

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  • Reduces chlorine and taste impairing substances, particles such as rust and sand and other impurities*
  • Compatible with all BRITA filter taps and Undersink Filter kit only
  • Replace filter every 6 months for optimum performance
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    * This product is an exclusive online offer and not available in conjunction with any offers or promotions


    BRITA’s permanent water filter systems can be connected to your sink at home and provide long term filtration using the BRITA Undersink filter A1000. The BRITA Undersink filter cartridge A1000 reduces substances such as chlorine, fine particles such as rust and sand to provide you with cleaner, clearer, great tasting water for hot and cold drinks, and delicious food.

    Each filter can be replaced easily, and replacement filters are always available for purchase once the original filter has passed its lifetime. All BRITA products are compatible with the BRITA water filters and suit the different water needs of each household.

    *if found in tap water


    How long will the cartridge last?

    The cartridge lasts approximately up to six months. The exact time depends on your water consumption.

    What does the A1000 Filter remove?

    The A 1000 filter cartridge is based on activated carbon block technology that filters chlorine as well as other taste and odour impairing impurities. It keeps fine solid particles like sand and rust up to a size of 0.5 micron back from tap water.

    What taps use the A1000 Cartridge?

    This filter is used for all BRITA Taps except the On Tap Filter Mount.

    Can you exchange the A1000 Filter yourself?

    Yes, this can be done in a matter of minutes by following these steps:

    1. Release the used cartridge using the blue levers on either side of the filter head. Turning off your mains water is not needed as it automatically shuts off via the head of the cartridge.
    2. Use the flush valve to release pressure. Close the valve back up once pressure is released.
    3. Take out the expired cartridge and install new one.
    4. Lock the cartridge in and you are set!

    Watch Cartridge Exchange Video


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