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  • Reduces chlorine and taste impairing substances, metals and other impurities*
  • Replace filter each month or 60L for optimum performance
  • Compatible with BRITA bottles and carafe

The BRITA MicroDisc fits into BRITA reusable water filter bottles and carafe. Each MicroDisc uses ActivSelect technology which removes the undesired extras that may come through tap water, however, works to retain important minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The filter removes anything that may be affecting the purity of your drinking water taste and filters any municipal tap water that you use to refill your bottles while out and about.

*if found in tap water

Dimensions - 7.0 (w)  x 4.0 (d) x 10.0 (h) cm 

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Why choose a BRITA bottle and filter?

Good for you, better for the environment

1 month of fresh tasting filtered water

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles

Guess what? About 10% of Aussie households use bottled water as their main drinking water source. Crazy right?

Source: 2023 BIS Oxford


Before you reach for BRITA, find all the answers to your questions here.

For over 50 years, BRITA is world famous for water filter jugs and water optimisation. Australian household water from the tap is compliant and safe, but may contain chlorine, heavy metals and other sediments which can affect water taste, smell and clarity.

BRITA water filters are designed to:

• Reduce free and bound chlorine content if present.

• Reducing carbonate hardness and act as a “water softener” where hard water is present.

• Help filter out metals such as lead and copper which may be found from dirty or damaged mains.

Yes, all BRITA filter cartridges are safe, and are produced with high quality and safety standards. Each filter is made of food grade materials, and are harmless if accidentally consumed.

1. Before use, place under running water and lightly rub the sides with your clean fingers for approximately 30 seconds to remove any loose carbon dust present.

2. Install into the jug or bottle, ready to use.

BRITA recommends replacing your MicroDisc filters every month or every 60 litres of use for best results.

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