MicroDisc filter 3 pack
MicroDisc filter 3 pack
MicroDisc filter 3 pack

MicroDisc filter 3 pack

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  • Reduces chlorine and taste impairing substances, metals and other impurities*
  • Replace filter each month or 60L for optimum performance
  • Compatible with BRITA bottles and carafe


The BRITA MicroDisc fits into BRITA reusable water filter bottles and carafe. Each MicroDisc uses ActivSelect technology which removes the undesired extras that may come through tap water, however, works to retain important minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The filter removes anything that may be affecting the purity of your drinking water taste and filters any municipal tap water that you use to refill your bottles while out and about.

*if found in tap water

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 7.0 (w)  x 4.0 (d) x 10.0 (h) cm 


What are the benefits of BRITA filtered water?

BRITA is renowned for its expertise in the field of drinking water optimization and filtration for over 50 years.

Australian household mains water is strictly controlled but it can contain chlorine, metals and carbonate hardness (limescale) which can impair taste, odour and appearance of water. A BRITA water filter provides an easy but highly effective way to provide you and your family with great tasting filtered water by:

  • Reducing free and bound chlorine content (if present).
  • Reducing carbonate hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water (if present). In other words, it acts as a “water softener” which is particularly important in parts of Australia where hard water is present.
  • Reducing metals such as lead and copper in the mains water which can be increased by corresponding domestic installations (MAXTRA+ and MAXTRA+ Limescale filters only)

What is the MicroDisc filter made of and is it safe?

The MicroDisc is made from compressed natural activated carbon from coconut shells and is covered by a fleece on both sides for optimal filtration.

The contents of all BRITA cartridges are of food grade quality and completely harmless to yourself and if accidentally consumed, will be harmless to health.

What are the benefits of MicroDisc filter?

The compact and powerful BRITA MicroDisc filter has ActivSelect® Technoloy which reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances while retaining essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

How often should I replace the MicroDisc filter?

For optimum results, replace your filter every month or 60L.

How do I prepare MicroDisc filter?

Rinse both sides thoroughly under running water for approximately 30 seconds to remove any loose carbon dust that may be present. Your filter is now ready to use.

What is the best way to store BRITA filtered water?

You should ideally store your jug with BRITA filtered water in a cool place, e.g. in the fridge. You should also avoid direct sunlight and use the water within one to two days.

Does MicroDisc filter fit into all BRITA water bottles?

The MicroDisc filter fits into fill&enjoy Active sports bottles, fill&enjoy Vital water bottles and fill&serve Mind carafe.


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