BRITA Mypure A1C Undersink Filter kit
BRITA Mypure A1C Undersink Filter kit
BRITA Mypure A1C Undersink Filter kit

BRITA Mypure A1C Undersink Filter kit

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  • Instant filtered water straight from your existing tap
  • DIY easy-to-install kit 
  • Effectively reduces:
    - Chemicals such as Chlorine
    - Fine particles such as sand and rust
  • Replace filter every 6 months for optimum performance
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The BRITA MyPure A1C under-the-sink filter kit is an easy solution to have filtered water on demand from your tap. The installation ready kit includes a BRITA A1000 filter cartridge, filter head, mounting bracket, flexible hoses, a pressure limiting and isolating valve set, and a cartridge status indicator. The cartridge status indicator will remind you when the filter is due to be replaced.

BRITA filtration effectively reduces chemicals such as Chlorine and sediments such as sand and rust if found in tap water.

For optimum filter performance, we recommend replacing the filter every 6 months.


Weight   2.2 kg
Dimensions 13.2 (w)  x 15.8 (d) x 32 (h) cm


What is this kit for?

The under-the-sink filter kit is used to turn your current tap into a filtered water tap. It is installed underneath your sink and attaches to the existing kitchen tap.

Can I install it myself?

The under-the-sink filter kit is made for easy installation and instructions are provided for you to install at home. All parts are included.

What filter can I use for this kit?

The under-the-sink filter kit uses the A1000 filter exclusively. The original kit comes with one A1000 filter within.


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